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Do I Need An Estate Plan or Just a Will?

The Law Offices of Gregory S. Duncan is devoted to advising clients on all estate planning matters, from establishing a revocable living trust, executing marital agreements, to administration of a probate estate.

Whether you want to plan for a growing family, are starting a new business, or you need advanced estate planning services, our offices will work with you to design an efficient and effective estate plan that helps you accomplish your goals.

Estate planning involves much more than simply drafting a Will. The primary purpose of an Estate Plan is to assist you in examining your financial needs and assets in order to pass your wealth on to your heirs efficiently and privately.

A good estate plan provides guidance for your loved ones under a variety of circumstances, including those in which you are no longer able to make decisions for yourself. Your estate plan should always include plans for the disposition of all your personal and real property, and any family owned businesses.

If you have real property or personal property that exceeds a combined value of $100,000, you need more than a basic Will, you need an estate plan and an estate planning attorney who is dedicated to working with you to develop the most effective plan for you and your family.

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